28 years of dance, singing and drama

The BCMA teachers are experts in their chosen fields with excellent qualifications and levels of experience. Many bring with them extensive professional industry experience along with lifetimes of learning their craft. You can be assured that training in safety, child development and first aid have been undertaken in addition to their industry specific training.
We are proud to provide an excellent development program for aspiring young teachers. Some of our current teaching staff started at the BCMA as young students, gained qualifications through examination opportunities, trained in our assistant teaching programs and then progressed to become qualified teachers. Not only do they have the appropriate training experience, but the important cultural values of the BCMA are embedded in the way they engage with their students.
Our teachers work together to offer the best methods of instruction, the most useful resources, and the most exciting ideas in order to achieve the best possible results for their students. Each of our teachers is supportive, motivated, inspiring and experienced in helping students achieve their individual and collective goals. Our aim is to make learning music, dance and/or drama a very positive experience that will benefit all aspects of our students’ lives.
It is also important to note that all our teachers and office staff have Working With Children Checks, Police Check &/or VIT’s, and most have First Aid Qualifications. 

  • Paula Heenan – Director & Artistic Director.  Musical Theatre, Voice, Piano.
  • Ella Bedggood – Voice,
  • Ella Graham (A.C.B.A C.I.C.) – Classical Ballet & Contemporary
  • Gerald “Gez” Clancy – Drums, Percussion & Guitar
  • Jason Law – Jazz
  • Jinah Waters – Dance Gym, Acrobatics, Tap, Classical, Musical Theatre
  • Jordyn Chapman – Pre-school Music & Dance, Vocal Gym, Hip Hop, Jazz, & Acrobatics
  • Julia Richards (A.C.B.A C.I.C.) – Classical Ballet and Private dance tuition
  • Kate Both – Violin & Viola
  • Laurence Heenan – Backstage Industry & Technical Training
  • Lucas Burke – Piano & Keyboard
  • Matthew Heenan – Backstage Industry & Technical Training
  • Rachael Shelton – Speech & Drama & Musical Theatre
  • Shane Gilbert – Guitar
  • Tom Forsyth – Bass Guitar, Guitar
  • Meika Collard – Voice 
  • Izzy Farrah – Voice
  • Megan Poynton – Backstage Industry & Technical Training
  • Ellen Sorensen – Piano
  • Callan Lewis – Voice & Drama
  • Isabella Campbell – Voice, Musical Theatre & Preschool
  • Joe Appleton – Voice
  • Catherine Pettie – Vocal Gym, Dance Gym, Musical Theatre Jnr Dance
  •  Rob Muirhead – Voice & Piano
  • Deborah Gilchrist – Piano


  • Paula Heenan – Company and Artistic Director
  • Emma Sbardella -Business and Marketing Manager
  • Tamara Eden -Senior Office Administrator and Productions Coordinator
  • Jordyn Chapman -Office Administration and Social Media
  • Michaela Prendergast  -Office Administration
  • Jinah Waters – Office Administration
  • Meika Collard – Office Administration

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Paula Heenan
Ella Graham
Julia Richards
Rachael Shelton
Robert Muirhead
Gerald 'Gez' Clancy
Kate Both
Joe Appleton
Callan Lewis
Shane Gilbert
Isabella Campbell
Catherine Pettie
Megan Poynton
Jason Law
Laurence Heenan
Thomas Forsyth
Ellen Sorensen
Jinah Waters
Lucas Burke
Isabelle Farrah
Juanita White
Ella Bedggood
Jordyn Champman
Matthew Heenan
Meika Collard
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